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modern. cashless. simple.

The simply-pay.cashdesk not only looks good, but is also an all-rounder and revolutionizes cashless payment. The cash desk with integrated battery allows you to work in sales situations with no electricity available for up to 5 hours! The cash desk has a LAN as well as a WLAN connector and is thereby completely independent of your configuration on site. The extended offline functionality add extra value in case of a network failure. In this case the simply-pay.cashdesk operates autonomously and as safely as before without a network. As soon as the cash desk reconnects with the simply-pay.server, it synchronizes its data with the server. The cash desk is water-proof and is capable of absorbing severe impacts.

premium services
innovative. simple. smart.

  • The can do more than displaying information regarding your current account balance. By using the app you have the possibility to check your balance or to charge your account. Be closer to your customers than ever before with the – reach them with a single click. You will notice their increased well-being. But the app can do more: see where your friends are at the event and meet them for a beer or a hot dog. Or how about buying them a beer or a snack via your

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  • The simply-pay.server saves all the important information about your event and the according transactions. Any data stored is instantly accessible for retrieval from our own cloud for up to 5 years.