convenient. elegant. timeless.

The Gate combines all key functions you need for the perfect entrance to your event. simply-control.gate processes all common ticket media (hard copy, print@home, mobile or RFID media) and signals the scan results using a clearly perceptible LED light. With the help of a 7" touch display the Gate offers further operating functions. The appeal lies in its convenient handling and its elegant and timeless design. In spite of the comprehensive functions it is space-saving and mobile.

  • Screen Gate

    advertising. precious. new.

    • The ScreenGate combines our digital signage solution simply-screen with the simply-control.gate. On the 32" full HD monitor you can display the desired content that is centrally controlled via the internet. You can, for example, easily show additional information or advertising for other events during the entrance.

  • Drehsperre

    convenient. quick. simple.

    Our turnstile is a safe and simple access control. It provides a convenient and quick entrance for stadiums or arenas. The turnstile is made of stainless steel and therefore very robust and easy-care as well as extremely well-suited for an exposure in open air. It is ideally suited for a permanent installation or mobile use and can be installed on almost every subsoil. Due to its motor drive it has a long lifecycle.

    All benefits of our turnstile at a glance:

    • self-scanning: at least 800 people per hour
    • two-directional operation
    • clearly perceptible LED light
    • foldable arms + automatic reconstruction
    • colored 7" security display
    • central commissioning

    timeless. precious. mobile.

    The scan station has been specially developed for use in places where technology is not pivotal. Its fields of application are primarily VIP areas, cinemas and theater. Due to the 7" touch display there are extended operation options. The feedback of the scan results is provided via a clearly perceptible LED light. The scan station processes all 1D and 2D barcodes, print@home and mobile tickets as well as all common RFID media. Furthermore it can be connected with the network via LAN or WLAN.


    small. mobile. simple.

    The hand scanner is the smallest and most mobile sort of access control. It fits into any pocket and is very versatile. It can be used as a control system only or as a complement to other simply-control products, for instance in parking or lodge areas.

    Following just a small excerpt of the features:

    • approx. 400 people per hour
    • wireless WLAN network connection
    • 3,5" color display
    • 1D and 2D barcodes
    • simple key operation
    • RFID module (optional)
    • 4-slot charging station (optional)
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    The simply-control.server saves all the important ticket data, communicates with the scanning devices and provides a reporting with minute-by-minute precision over the whole entrance period. At the entrance your customer places his ticket medium in front of or under the scan device. The ticket information is automatically forwarded to the server. The server verifies these data with the underlying ticket data base and provides feedback to the scanning device.

    The benefits of our server software at a glance:

    • compatible with all ticket systems
    • clearing tool
    • user administration
    • variable evaluations
    • time control
    • filing
    • live overview / monitoring